Why this Blog

posted by: Sara Andrews DDS MS

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I decided to start this blog, because I wanted an easily accessible, and easy to understand way of letting the people around me know the truth about some basic orthodontic and dental concepts. I get asked an orthodontic or dental question on a daily basis at work or in social circles. I also hear dental myths being spoken around me all the time, and I feel that it is my responsibility as a professional to shed light on some of these myths. I am passionate about my profession, I really enjoy answering questions, and spreading knowledge about the dental field. Of course the knowledge is out there, embedded in tons and tons of research, but unless you are in academia, you’re not going to have the time or the motivation to go digging through scientific journals for some basic dental knowledge. I hope that my friends, family, colleagues and current and prospective patients will find this blog useful. I hope that this blog will help you add to your dental knowledge, and make better decisions regarding your oral care.